A natural and cultural experience

Ecotourism Taï invites you to experience the nature and culture of the western Ivory Coast. The Taï National Park will amaze you with its exceptional biodiversity and its wild unique chimpanzees. This natural jewel of the Ivory Coast includes 5364 km² of primary tropical rainforest and constitutes by far the largest remaining of rainforest in West Africa. It is unsurprising that the park was inscribed to the Biosphere Reserve Network in 1978 and to the World Heritage List in 1981 by UNESCO.

The fauna and flora are highly diverse and many species are endemic to West Africa. It is one of the rare places where you can encounter such a diversity of primates. Thanks to our habituation programme and the knowledge of our ecoguides, you have the chance to encounter western chimpanzees, sooty mangabeys and red colobus monkeys, that our ecoguides have been following for more than 5 years. This is a unique and special experience for our visitors.

Conservation, a key word

During the visits, nature conservation is one of our priorities. Our ecoguides, who have lived in the area from their birth onwards, will guide you through the tropical rainforest on a specific track, showing you the beauty of the area, with unique animals, with security and care.
Ecotourism is an essential element of our conservation activities as it supports local people by improving their livelihoods while diversifying their source of income, thus helping to combat deforestation and ensuring survival of the primary tropical rainforest.
Our project leads local communities to be proud of their culture and the youths to rediscover their own heritage. Indeed, you will have the beautiful opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of Gouléako 1 village, a couple of minutes away from the park.

After spending two days admiring the wonders of the Taï National Park through an ethnobotanical circuit and primate observations, you are welcomed to take part in an traditional evening with ritual dances of the Oubi ethnic group. In the heart of the traditional African village, you will be able to discover the Guéré sacred masks, have a wonderful night in a traditional hut or enjoy a dugout drive on the Cavally river, which is the natural border between Ivory Coast and Liberia.

Informing, inspiring and stimulating long-term protection of the Taï National Park is one of our priorities.
Our ecomuseum, which provides information about the natural and cultural heritage of the region, will bring the last piece of a rich and beautiful experience.

For a global and inspiring experience, Ecotourism Taï is such a great sustainable adventure !