How to behave in the forest

Behaviour to adopt in the Taï National Park:

Let’s ensure the sustainability of the wildlife and the forest ecosystem. Our vision of ecotourism is based on a scientific approach. We are asking you to follow the few rules listed below :

  1. Follow and listen to the instructions given by your guide
  2. Be quiet
  3. Do not spit in the forest. Saliva contains a lot of parasites and pathogens.
    This can be deadly for some animal species in the forest
  4. If you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth and your nose using your arm’s hollow and always turn away from the animals
  5. Do no eat in the presence of animals
  6. Do not use the flash while taking a picture of animals
  7. Do not smoke unless you are at the camp site
  8. Do not throw rubbish in the forest

While observing habituated primates, you must wear a mask that will be provided to you by your ecoguide. Because of the similarities between humans and chimpanzees or mangabeys, those primates are more vulnerable to human diseases and particularly to human respiratory diseases such as a cold, a flu or pneumonia.

We are asking you not to enter the forest if you have any of these diseases to avoid any contamination with the different primate populations.

The ecotourism project of Taï implemented some hygiene rules and we are asking every single visitor and workers to respect them in order to protect the wildlife of the Taï National Park. (according to the current ecotourism standards on great apes: Homsy 1999, Woodford et al. 2002, Leendertz et al. 2003, 2004a,b).