Guidelines for Appropriate Conduct in the Forest

Behaviour to adopt in the Taï National Park:

Let’s ensure the health of wildlife and sustainability of the forest ecosystem. Our vision of ecotourism is based on a scientific approach. We ask all visitors to follow the rules listed below :

  1. listen to and follow instructions given by your guide
  2. Maintain a quiet manner in the forest
  3. Avoid spitting while in the forest. Saliva carries a high number of pathogens that may be harmful to certain animal species inhabiting the forest
  4. Sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow or upper sleeve, and always turn away from the animals
  5. Do not eat in the presence of animals
  6. Do not use a camera flash while photographing animals
  7. Do not smoke in the forest. Smoking is permitted at the campsite
  8. Do not leave any rubbish in the forest

While observing habituated primates, you must wear a medical mask that will be provided to you by your ecoguide. Wild primates, including chimpanzees or mangabeys, are extremely vulnerable to some human diseases, particularly to human respiratory infections such as the common cold, which can result in more severe symptoms than in humans.

We strongly request that visitors refrain from entering the forest if they exhibit any symptoms of respiratory illness, in order to prevent the transmission of infections to the primate populations.

Ecotourism Taï has implemented some hygiene rules and requests that every visitor and worker respects them to protect the wildlife of the Taï National Park. (according to the best practice guidelines for great ape tourism: Homsy 1999, Woodford et al. 2002, Leendertz et al. 2003, 2004a,b).