The tropical forest can be very different depending on the time of the year. This is the reason why you will find detailed information on both predominant seasons Ivory Coast experiences.

  • The dry season (November – April)

This is the most pleasant season to visit the Taï National Park. It rarely rains at this time of the year and the vegetation is abundant early in the season, which makes it easier to spot animals. December and January are rhythmed by dry winds and cooler temperatures at night and early in the mornings.
At the end of the dry season, food sources become rarer, forcing chimpanzees to split into smaller groups to make it easier to find fruits, grains and vegetation of their interest.

  • The wet season (May – October)

This is the season that sees heavy and frequent rainfalls. The observation of animals is made more difficult when it rains, as they tend to stay quiet and immobile.
However, sunny days are ideal to discover the tropical floras much more abundant at this time of the year and observe the fauna. Moreover, the hunting period ranges from September to December for chimpanzees, it is an amazing opportunity to discover incredible hunting techniques dominant males use.