Taï – Nature & Culture experiences

Enjoy the natural heritage of Taï National Park!

 “Nature” stay: 2 nights in the heart of the forest – 160 000 FCFA per person

DAY 1 : Taï town
Arrival to Taï in the afternoon.
Please note that transportation to Taï town is not included in the package and dinner and accommodation arrangements in Taï town are at the responsibility of the guest

DAY 2: Taï National Park
In the morning, you will enter Taï National Park with our team of ecoguides. A 2.5 hour walk through the forest will take you to the campsite before heading to the ethnobotanical circuit with the ecoguides who will to show you the wonders of one of the last primary tropical rainforests in West Africa.
Transportation provided: 4WD from the hotel to the park entrance 
Meals : breakfast at the responsibility of guests in Taï town – lunch and dinner are provided at the campsite
Accommodation : forest camp

DAY 3: Taï National Park
Experience observation of sooty mangabeys (morning) and western red colobus monkeys (afternoon) in their natural habitat, with ecoguides sharing their fascinating insights and stories.
Last night at the camp.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided at the camp
Accommodation: forest camp

DAY 4 : Departure
Breakfast at the camp before a forest hike back to the town of Taï.
Transportation provided: 4WD from the park entrance to the town of Taï
Meals: breakfast is provided at the camp

To help you to enjoy your stay, we recommend that you to hire the services of a 4WD car driver from your city of departure.

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Explore Taï National Park and a traditional Oubi village!

 “Nature & Culture” stay: 2 nights in the forest & 1 night in the village – 200 000 FCFA per person

Following an enriching 4-day nature experience, we welcome you to continue the adventure to discover the distinctive culture of the region. Immerse yourself in the life of a traditional Oubi village and its unique traditions.

DAY 4: Departure from the park & stay at Gouléako 1 village
After breakfast at the campsite in the forest, hike back to the park entrance.
Lunch is provided in Gouléako 1, a 10 minute drive from Taï.
During the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the history and culture of the Oubi village, and witness an authentic show while enjoying a traditional evening village experience. Enjoy a comfortable sleep in a well-equipped traditional hut located in the heart of the village.

Transportation provided: 4WD ride from the park entrance to the village of Gouléako 1
Meals: breakfast at the camp – Lunch and dinner in Gouléako 1 
Accommodation: traditional huts in the village of Gouléako 1

DAY 5: Departure from Gouléako 1
Enjoy breakfast the morning after spending a night in a traditional Oubi hut, before bidding farewell to the village.
Transportation provided: 4WD from Gouléako 1 to Taï town (for visitors who have not arranged their own transportation)
Meal: breakfast in the village

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