Health protocole

Sanitary measures have been taken to ensure the protection of local communities, guides and primates


There it is! Ecotourisme Taï is reopening on the 1st of May 2021! The site had to close down for over a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It will be possible to come visit the Taï National Park again, provided the respect of the health protocol developed in collaboration with the Ivorian Office of the Parks and Reserves (OIPR), in order to protect local communities and primates in the forest that are vulnerable to human respiratory diseases.

Come and live an experience off the beaten tracks, in the heart of one of the last primary forests of West Africa! It is the home of a unique biodiversity, and offers the incredible opportunities to observe mangabeys and red colobus in their natural habitat, or wander through its multicentenary and learn about stories and traditions of the region. This immersion in the heart of the Taï National Park is made possible again, so do not hesitate!

Here are the sanitary measures to be followed during your stay. Please note that if all the prerequisites are not met, the entry into the forest will be denied to ensure the protection of the guides and primates.


Upon your arrival in Taï:

  • Present a proof of vaccination against the Covid-19


  • Take a rapid Covid test when you arrive in Taï, at the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation office and show a negative result. Tests will be available at your arrival in Taï (7 000 FCFA) or will be bought in Abidjan and taken once in Taï
  • The temperature will be taken upon your arrival in Taï, and will not exceed 38°C for you to be able to go into the forest
  • Fill in a sworn statement declaring the absence of symptoms of the Covid-19

If the Covid test turns out to be positive, the entrance in the forest will be denied and you will have the moral obligation to take a conventional test (PCR test) in one of the certified centres (Abidjan, Man, San Pedro).

In the forest:

  • Temperature measurement before leaving the camp in the forest
  • It is forbidden to spit in the forest
  • Wear a mask given by the guides covering your nose and mouth
  • lean clothes to wear the morning you will go out to see primates
  • Wash your hands and boots at every cleaning spot set at the entrance and in the forest
  • Keep a distance of 10 meters between yourself and primates

We are excited to welcome you in the Taï National Park very soon! Do not hesitate to contact us via email at or by phone / WhatsApp at +225 07 49 28 12 16.